Freeze & Squeeze

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Freeze & Squeeze

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UCRYO Physio is a 30- or 60-min session 1 on 1 with a physical therapist to manage pain, improve posture, enhance mobility, and speed up recovery from workouts, injury, surgery, or illness. Each session includes assessment of the client’s condition and needs, after which the physiotherapist may combine:
Therapeutic exercise.
Manual therapy (that may include assisted stretching, massage gun, tension release, trigger point stimulation).
Localized electrical nerve stimulation.
Localized or high impact cryotherapy.
Suggested length of the session is 30 min for acute injury and prevention and 60 min for chronic pain and active recovery.

Benefits include:

Faster recovery from injury, surgery, or illness.
Mobility and range of motion improvement.
Athletic performance and recovery optimization.
Prevention of age-related issues like osteoporosis, or loss of flexibility or muscle.
Acute or chronic pain relief.

What to expect

Treatment Duration

30 to 60 minutes.

Treatment Frequency

Up to 3 times per week.

Better Together

To get the best out of the session, pair it with any of the below treatments and get enhanced benefits.

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