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Freeze & Squeeze

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Localized Cryotherapy Dubai

What is localized cryotherapy?

Localized cryotherapy is a flow of -30° C air applied to a select body part. Influenced by the cold, the blood vessels under the skin constrict and temporarily reduce blood flow in the cooled area, then dilate, resulting in freshly oxygenated blood to perfuse the tissue. Cooling reduces pain sensitivity, inflammation, and swelling and is great for injuries, muscle spasms, acute pain, and joint pain. The session is up to 15 min long. Localized cryotherapy can:
Speed up recovery.
Help with relaxation.
Reduce soft tissue swelling.
Improve mobility.
Relieve pain.
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A closeup of localized cryotherapy in UCRYO

What to expect

Treatment Duration

Up to 15 min.

Treatment Frequency

Whenever needed, as often as once daily.

Better Together

To get the best out of the session, pair it with any of the below treatments and get enhanced benefits.

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