Freeze & Squeeze

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Freeze & Squeeze

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What is facial light therapy?

Facial light therapy exposes the face to 3 select beneficial wavelengths of red, infrared, and blue light. The light gets absorbed by the cells and stimulates mitochondria to generate more energy, improving cell repair and regeneration and making the skin look healthier and more youthful. Blue light also has antibacterial properties and helps manage acne outbreaks. The choice of programs includes anti-aging and acne.
One facial light therapy session lasts for 30 min.
Improvement of skin tone and texture.
Reduction of skin blemishes.
Minimization of acne scaring.
Smoothening of fine lines and wrinkles.
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A woman in a mask for a facial light therapy

What to expect

Treatment Duration

30 minutes.

Treatment Frequency

3 times per week.

Better Together

To get the best out of the session, pair it with any of the below treatments and get enhanced benefits.

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