Freeze & Squeeze

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Freeze & Squeeze

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Freeze and Squeeze

AED 299

Get the benefits of BOTH and save BIG with a Freeze and Squeeze special offer!

Cryotherapy is a 3-minute exposure of the entire body to -110° C. In response to the extreme cold stimulus, the body engages powerful physiological reactions aimed at protecting the core temperature from dropping. The process benefits all essential organs and functions.

Compression Therapy is an automated compression massage of legs, arms, or hips that releases tension, promotes drainage of fluids, and stimulates healthy blood flow. The results include reduced lactic acid buildup, pain relief, and faster recovery.


Whole Body Cryotherapy

- Blood circulation enhancement
- Inflammation reduction
- Relief of acute and chronic pains
- Boost energy and performance
- Recovery support
- Regulation of central nervous system activity
- Helps to lower stress and promotes better sleep
- Skin quality improvement.

Normatec Recovery

- Fluid circulation improvement and lymph drainage
- Reduction of inflammation and swelling
- Detoxification support
- Prevention of lactic acid buildup post-exercise
- Relief of muscle pain and soreness

1 Day
Terms & Conditions
  • Offer can only be purchased once.
  • Treatments should be done on the same day of visit.

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