Freeze & Squeeze

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Freeze & Squeeze

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High Impact Cryotherapy Dubai

High impact cryotherapy is an ADVANCED localized cooling technique, using pressurized flow of CO2. The mechanism of how it works is similar to localized cryotherapy with cold air, but the temperature is lower (-78° C instead of -30° C) and the pressure of the flow is as high as 50 bar. The cooling is therefore faster and deeper. One high impact cryotherapy session does not exceed 5 minutes.
Acceleration of recovery.
Visible cosmetic and anti-aging effects.
Skin health improvement.
Rapid pain relief.
Inflammation and swelling reduction.

What to expect

Treatment Duration

Up to 5 minutes.

Treatment Frequency

Whenever needed, as often as once daily.

Better Together

To get the best out of the session, pair it with any of the below treatments and get enhanced benefits.

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