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Save big and enjoy full freedom with UCRYO points package system!

Save big on points packages in UCRYO to spend them on any treatment of your choice during your visits. With our new points packages, you can spend your points on any treatments, packages, memberships or special offer of your choice - at a a special per point price!

When you choose to pay with points, you enjoy your sessions from as low as AED 99 per single session, instead of AED 330 - with no limits on what you spend your points on. 

And don't forget - we always love when wellness is shared, so as always, some packages can also be shared!

Treatment Name

This is where we will add two important treatments which we want to upsell using points.
AED 990

Treatment Name

We use these boxes to show people how much they really save per session if they buy points.
AED 495

Enjoy treatments as a special price

With points, enjoy your sessions from as low as AED 99 per session if you pay by points, instead of AED 330 if you pay at normal single session price. Save more and spend your points with no limits.
woman doing ems fitness in ucryo

Fitness & Weight Loss

man entering cryotherapy chamber ucryo

Health, Wellness & Recovery

cryo t-shock treatment in ucryo dubai

Beauty of the Body & Face

Points Packages

Not sure what to pick?
First Timer Offer will help you decide!

New to UCRYO? With so many options, selecting one that suits you best is not easy! Use First Timer offer to try treatments out at a discounted cost before you make a commitment - now with webstore only offer!

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