Wellness and Fitness Premium Membership

AED 1,490

This program  will serve ALL your wellness and fitness needs in one place, at a fraction of what you would be paying anywhere else. You just need to define YOUR goals. We will help you get there! And your commitment to regular visits will guarantee results.

Your membership includes ANY 30 of these services per month:

  • EMS Fitness
  • Whole Body Cryotherapy
  • Infrared Sauna
  • Assisted Stretching (25 mins)
  • LED Light Bed
  • Normatec Recovery
  • Celluma LED Light
  • Massage Gun
  • Cryo Localized
  • Cryo Facial
  • Hydromassage Lounge
  • Body Composition Test


Enjoy multiple health, wellness, performance, and appearance benefits such as: Boost in energy and performance. Faster recovery. Immune support. Inflammation reduction. Pain relief. Weight loss. Skin quality improvement, and more, depending on your selection.

Additional Benefits:

  • Member only price for any additional treatments
  • Rewards points
  • 14-day pause option / 3 months
  • Bring a friend each month for FREE to try one of the treatments included in the membership


Varies by treatment


Whole body

Treatment Type

Wellness, Performance, Recovery, Slimming, Beauty


Minimum commitment of 3 months. Cancel anytime after, with a 30 day notice.

Make a booking or contact us for more questions
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