Freeze & Energize - Cryotherapy + FREE LED Light Bed

AED 299


Push harder and improve faster with Cryotherapy and LED Light Bed therapy. This combination of treatments will keep your mood and energy high, inflammation and pain low, and enjoy a deep and restful sleep.


Cryotherapy benefits: - Blood circulation improvement - Inflammation reduction - Relief and elimination of pain - Energy boost and performance enhancement - Regulation of central nervous system activity that helps to lower stress and promotes better sleep LED Light Bed Therapy benefits: - Improvement of muscle strength, performance, and endurance - Inflammation reduction - Relief of pain and stiffness - Faster cell regeneration and healing with less scarring - Anti-aging


Cryotherapy Treatment Duration: 3:30 Minutes
LED Light Bed Therapy Duration: 5:15 Minutes


Whole Body, Legs, Hips, Arms

Treatment Type

Wellness, Performance, Recovery, Beauty, Slimming

Terms and Conditions

* offer can only be purchased once
* treatments should be done on the same day of visit
* UCRYO general T&C apply

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