Cryo Localized

Cryo Localized is perfect purposes like swelling reduction, inflammation reduction, healing and recovery. It is also a common facial treatment to get you a glowing, youthful, vibrant skin in just a few minutes!

Cryo Localized Benefits

Localized cryotherapy focuses on a specific area of your skin and uses subzero temperatures to help you target specific areas of your body, heal, reduce inflammation and pain, and for aesthetic purposes. 

The targeted areas are measured for temperature to ensure that the correct therapeutic temperature is applied, and the extreme cold air is then applied to the area being treated.
Improved blood circulation in targeted area
Improved range of motion
Speed up recovery
Pain relief 
Inflammation reduction
Migraine and headache relief
Improve sleep and wellbeing
Soothed irritation.
Facials for glowing, vibrant, youthful skin
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