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Freeze & Squeeze

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A Fountain of Youth

That’s what Cryotherapy has been referred to since its rise that began in the early 1980’s.

Athletes are no strangers to the benefits of cold immersion to treat joint pain and reduce inflammation. Now, with advancements in technology, the numerous benefits of cryotherapy have become accessible to all.

From pain and inflammation reduction to anti-aging, cryotherapy is hailed as the world’s best secret to help the body recover and thrive. With that said, what is cryotherapy and how can it help you?

A History of Healing

Cryotherapy comes from the Greek words “cryo” (cold) and “therapeia” (cure). For millennia, the “cold cure” has been helping people strengthen the immune system, reduce inflammation and swelling, minimize pain, and slow down aging. It has many forms, from cold water immersion to localized cooling and now also body contouring and facials, often referred to as “frotox”. Modern day cryotherapy activates the body’s most powerful healing systems by exposing it to temperatures below -110°C. Whole body treatments that take place in a cryosauna or cryo chamber are just 2 to 4 minutes long, but it is enough to initiate the reaction of the body known as “fight or flight”.

The treatment works by initiating a cascade of physical reactions within the body that kick-starts its natural healing capabilities and built-in protective mechanisms. The dry, unnaturally cold environment of the cryotherapy treatment gives the body the illusion that it is freezing without the discomfort and pain that comes with traditional wet cold therapy treatments, like an ice bath or cold showers. As such, even people who “hate the cold” are able to reap the benefits of cryotherapy like a boss.

Moreover, the dry cold air does not result in freezing, tissue damage, or an intense, uncomfortable chill. In fact, the stimulation of the immune system can decrease the severity and frequency of future colds and susceptibility to the flu. UCRYO complete body immersion electric cryo chambers are one of the safest in Dubai, hence they do not use nitrogen – an element commonly used in other cryotherapy systems. This means that the air can be inhaled without risks and allows for full body immersion without uncomfortable uneven cooling that could lead to air burns.

A Range of Benefits

Whether you’re looking to jump all in or target specific, local areas of your body, UCRYO has just the right solution for your healing needs.

A Fresh Shot At Life

Wellness is key to a wonderful quality of life.

Cryotherapy can be used alongside your weekly routines to enhance your general wellbeing and kick stress to the curb.

Unlike surgical and invasive approaches, cryotherapy is a natural, relaxing, and convenient treatment. It delivers powerful results without the pain, discomfort, and anxiety associated with alternative approaches.

Moreover, at the UCRYO Wellness & Fitness Center, we use the latest and most advanced treatment technologies in a wellness hub dedicated to your recovery, fitness, and beauty goals. A dedicated team of health professionals are also at your service, ready to craft the right treatment plan, at the right time, for just the right budget. So, what are you waiting for?

Schedule a consultation session, take advantage of our First Timer Offers, and join our unique UCRYO community, today!

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