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In times when the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak is raising red flags around the world, bringing with it health and safety precautions, our daily life routine and activities are taking a different shape.

Because of this, we have to go against our human interaction instinct and practice social distancing, and that’s when we need to pay attention to one of the most important tools in our survival kit – our own emotional well being. While some time in isolation isn't bad, and is unlikely to impact anyone other than the strongest extroverts, spending a lot of time alone, especially in times of crisis, can affect our emotional wellbeing. Taking an advantage of the available time might become a challenge. Here are some tips to stay healthy and keep your mind busy off of the pandemic for a while.

You’re not a couch, move a little 

Just because you can’t go outside, doesn’t mean you have to glue yourself to that couch! Use this time to start exercising, or find a fitness channel you never knew existed. Thanks to YouTube, you can easily search for a 30 minutes of any kind of heart-pumping workout which can significantly reduce stress. You can also make your own quarantine music list, dance, shake your stress away and sweat it out.

While many Fitness centers have closed their doors during the virus, some have made their gym classes online, and for free! Golds Gym is offering free access to its app, Goldsamp, until the end of May, along with the music mixes. If working out on your own is not your thing, try an EMS Fitness Workout at home with a personal trainer that will visit your home on demand and provide you with a full personal training experience.

woman in purple sports bra doing yoga

If fitness isn't what you're after, use the time to clean your house the way you never cleaned it before! Use that quarantine music list to its max, and deep clean your home. Bottom - don't sit, move it!

Learn a new skill or a language

Remember that bucket list of things you wanted to learn but never had the time to? This is your time! Now you probably have more time – just enough to start thinking about which skill, language or project to start with! Moreover, many companies have made their online courses free in order to show support to the global fight against the pandemic – so use the time smart!

woman writing on notebook

Whether it’s a photography online course you kept postponing, that language learning app you once downloaded and left it to take up space on your phone, or that writing dream you wanted to pursue, this is the time. And if you are good with habits, your will continue when the virus is over.

Pamper yourself in a DYI spa-day care 

Taking care of our bodies that have been operating since the moment we joined the crowd of earth. It is vital not just because of the physical results it brings, but also because of the feelings we get from pampering ourselves. And now when you're more than likely to be stressed, it's the perfect time to pamper yourself. Light up some candles, warm up your bathtub and relax in bubbles, mask or your way to a clearer skin or thank your feet with bootie masks. Here are some tips and tricks on how to create a DIY home-spa day.

Cook something

vegetable salad

Unleash your inner chef skills and release your energy in trying new creative healthy recipes. Reward your immune system with a nice healthy meal. Don't know how to cook? Learn it. The Guardian has already prepared a list of 100 easiest, simple to cook recipes ever.

Video chat your family and friends 

man and woman siting on sofa chair inside room

In such stressful times whom to turn to other than the closest people to us?  Facetime or Skype your family, your loved ones and that friend you haven’t got in touch with for a while. Trust us, they would appreciate it! Fight the social distance with warm laughter and a long catch up with those you care about.

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