If you know what cryotherapy is, then you probably know it is popular for its fitness recovery, joint and muscle pain benefits. But cryotherapy is not limited to fitness professionals only. Here are some health and wellness cryotherapy benefits you might not know about!

1. Cryotherapy reduces migraine symptoms

Cryotherapy benefits are not limited to fitness and recovery. Local and whole body cryo can help you reduce migraine symptoms. By supplying extremely cold temperature to your body, specifically your head, cryotherapy improves blood circulation and cools down the blood passing through the vessels. It kind of works like the ice packs we apply to our head when we have a headache, but works faster and better because of the extremely low temperatures cryotherapy uses. So if you're suffering from migraines and constant headaches – this might be your chance!

2. Improves mood and energy

Instant exposure to extremely low temperatures make you feel energised and make you happy. Cryotherapy treatment helps you release endorphins, which in turn make you feel full of energy and give you a happy mood. This also result sin the release of adrenaline and noradrenaline.

3. Tightens and brightens your skin

Whole body cryotherapy can speed up your weight loss and increase calories burn during the day. But localised cryotherapy, or cryo facial, can be your answer to tighter, brighter, smoother, younger skin. This is why cryo facials are so popular among celebrities and beauty bloggers. Extremely cold temperatures make your skin tighter, brighten it, reduce blemishes and give it a healthy, glowing look. Get a cryo facial before a big event, or make it part of your daily routine, and you will not regret it.

Is cryotherapy dangerous?

Cryotherapy is not dangerous, when used correctly. Consult with UCRYO team before entering the chamber and follow all the rules and instructions. It can feel strange at first as your body is not accustomed to such extreme temperatures, but most people report feeling fine after the first 30 seconds. The side effects are usually temporary. Your skin can also get red – which is a normal reaction to cold, unless you have a cold allergy. In this case, speak with your doctor. Cryotherapy benefits are vast if you follow the rules and don't exaggerate!

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