As fitness technologies develop, new trends appear in the fitness industry. And while some might become less popular after a few years, EMS fitness is here to stay. EMS training in Dubai is growing in popularity like never before, with new studios opening up across UAE, and this workout helps you squeeze the best out of your fitness session. Here is what you need to know about this effective fitness technology.

EMS or Electrical Muscle Stimulation

EMS stands for electrical muscle stimulation. Originally popular among physiotherapists for recovery, prevention and rehabilitation, it has entered the fitness world as one of the most popular ways to upgrade your conventional workout routine and take your gym session to a new level. It helps tone your body, improve posture, intensify a conventional workout and speedup weight loss.

How EMS Fitness Works?

It works like this – you wear an EMS suit with electrodes connected to various muscles across your body. During the workout, an EMS device sends low-frequency electrical impulses to these electrodes to stimulate your muscles as you do your exercise session. By doing so, it not only makes your workout more challenging and efficient, but also reaches the muscles that might have otherwise been left out during a normal gym session. This saves you hours and hours of exercise – a normal EMS session can be as effective as a 90-minute high-intensity conventional workout or a personal training session. Because EMS is so effective, it only lasts for 20 minutes. In fact, the workout is so powerful, that most professionals suggest you limit your sessions to a maximum of two per week.

A EMS Workout Routine

A typical EMS training consists of a mixture of static as well as dynamic exercises. While a gym session will normally use about 40 – 70% of your physical potential, a typical EMS session can use about 90% of your physical potential. This way, you achieve more in less time and with less effort. After this workout, your suit will go into a “massage” or “recovery” mode, so you can cool down efficiently and relax after your training session. A certified EMS professional will personalize your workout and adjust the training to your needs. For full benefits of EMS fitness, sessions are normally done in small and medium sized gyms in small groups, allowing for EMS professionals to closely follow your fitness journey. The trainer is able to adjust the intensity of your training and muscle stimulation during your session, with muscles stimulated either individually, or at the same time. Because of this, EMS also offers a more personalized, custom workout that can be easily adjusted to client’s needs and abilities, and is closely followed up in small training groups or personal training sessions.

Is it EMS Training Safe?

Despite the intensity of an EMS fitness sessions, it is a completely safe and fun workout. In fact, electric muscle stimulation has been used by physical therapists and medical professionals for muscle recovery and rehabilitation even before it entered the fitness world. It also does not hurt! Although it might feel strange and strong when you first try it on, many clients report a nice feeling after using it for some time.

Of course there are some contraindications. Some examples include metabolic diseases, autoimmune and cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases as well as epilepsy and cancer. Patients wearing a cardiac pacemaker may damage the device with electrical impulses, and the same applies to electrical implants. It is better to cancel your session if you have a fever or a cold, as the training is very intensive. Also, don’t do it if you’re pregnant. As with most fitness technologies, if not sure – it is better to check with your doctor. When ready, give it a try and add this futuristic workout to upgrade your fitness routine. Contact Ucryo to assess your personal needs and program a workout for you.

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