Celebs like Jeniffer Aniston and Kim Kardashian have both been spotted doing this facial, and this popular skin tightening and anti-aging facial is now available in Dubai. But how does a cryo facial work and why is it so popular?

woman doing a cryo facial

Cryotherapy facial, also called cryo facial, subjects your skin to extreme cold temperatures, making your skin brighter, tighter and more fresh looking. It is a non-invasive, pain-free treatment that claims to help you get younger looking and healthy skin.

How does a cryo facial work?

A cryo facial session works similar to whole body cryotherapy, but instead it concentrates on a specific area – in this case, it's the face. During a cryo facial session, pressurized cold air is applied on your neck, scalp, and face. The extreme cold causes your skin to react to the sudden changed temperature. As a result, the vessels constrict the blood flow, and then releases it, increasing blood flow and nutrient supply.

Remember the ice cubes we we all applied to our face? A cryo facial does the same, but uses much lower temperatures, delivering even better results. A cryo facial detoxifies your skin and improves your blood circulation , making your skin look fresh and healthier.

Increased Collagen

Collagen production is very important for your face. It helps you keep youthful and healthy glowing skin. When you are young, your body produces enough of collagen do to this on its own. However, the production of collagen decreases as you age. Along with this, modern, fast and not so healthy lifestyle has a negative impact on the natural repair process of the skin.

Our modern day environment has increased pollutants, toxins and stress, along with bad dietary habits. All of this makes it more and more challenging for your face and body to look its best. Applying extremely cold temperatures to your face triggers the production of collagen, thus giving you a stimulated production every time you do a cryo facial session,

Reduced pore size

Large pores allow dirt and oil to penetrate into your skin. This does not only make your skin look dull, but also speeds up aging. This is why skin therapists advice starting your everyday face care routine from cleaning your face with warm water to open the pores for the skincare products to penetrate successfully, and then finish it off by rinsing it with cold water – to close those pores and stop the dirt from entering. Similarly to this, every time you do cryo facial, your pores react to the temperature by tightening themselves and stopping any dirt to deposit on the skin.
Extremely cold air reduces dark circles and puffiness, stimulating healthy oxygenated blood to the area being treated. This revives the skin and gives it a healthy boost of nutrient rich blood flow! A cryo facial soothes out fine lines, reduces appearance of wrinkles, aids in reduction and fading of pigmentations. Give it a try and see for yourself.

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